Elimination games


We have reached the stage in the season that we have been anticipating all year. Today and hopefully tomorrow are elimination games and if we lose 2, we are finished. If we win, we keep on playing.

That being said, we are not allowed to bat/play all of our players in each game so we will play the group that we believe will give us the best chance of success. This means that some of our players may not play but will need to be ready to be substituted in as needed.

We will make every attempt to get everyone some time today but if the games are close, We need to do what is best to keep on playing.

Parents, thank you for understanding and support…

Players, this is why we have been working so hard… to reach this point… and to show what we are capable of. We have taught you everything we could… now it is up to you.

Let’s show everyone the ICE magic.

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