ICE-20 and the new Bownet team


As many of you have noticed we have welcomed the Phenom-Alcala team into our Bownet Family. We are very excited to finally fill the gap between our ICE-20 program and Jenna’s Bownet team.

Coach Al and John will be running our 14/16U Bownet program while Jenna and Winston will be running the 16/18U Bownet program.

Coach Victor and all of the coaches will be guiding the ICE-20 program. We will all be practicing together as each of these great coaches have so much to teach.

Our older ICE-20 players (most of the ones that played on my team) will be given an opportunity to try out for the 14/16 Bownet team this Saturday at our practice. The younger players may request to tryout but need to speak with me first.

This is the next level for our players and it is very different than the ICE-20 program. Each player will be evaluated and selected based on their ability, attitude and position. At this level our athletes have a goal of playing at an advanced level and will understand the commitment needed.

With ICE-20, we are very flexible with attendance and schedules but with the Bownet program we cannot be as flexible. Each spot on the Bownet team is not guaranteed and must be earned. Missing practices will affect playing time.

If our older ICE-20 players choose to not tryout or do not make the Bownet team, we welcome and encourage them to continue playing with the ICE-20 program until they age out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email, text or private chat.


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