Bownet Youth Sports comments on the current healthcare issues



We will not be a party to the hysteria that has been created around the current healthcare situation.

What we will be doing is to recommend prudent precautions for our coaches and athletes as we would during any increase of healthcare concerns.

So that being said, we are asking our coaches and athletes to adhere to the following:

Sick athletes/coaches will be sent home from practice/games – if you are sick, stay home

Avoid sharing water bottles of any kind. As per our rules, players should be responsible for bringing their own water bottles.

Limit/avoid physically contact each other. i.e. high fives, hand shakes, etc

While this may seem to be overreacting to the current situation, we want everyone to know that we are not ignoring the situation and we value the health and safety of our athletes and coaches… but we will not cancel practices/games just because of the mass hysteria.

If you have concerns or comments, please email me as I do not want a public debate.