Doing the Right Thing



Given the fact that schools have shut down all activities, we will follow and shutdown for the month of March and reassess the situation for April.

While it pains me to do this, and I know we can take the appropriate measures to keep our girls and coaches safe, we cannot take any chances now knowing what we know about the current situation.

We are a family, part of a bigger family and we need to support each other and help where can. We will get through this and while it seems scary right now, I know that each and every one of you will do your part to support each other. Reach out, text, call, check in to make sure your teammates are doing OK. FACETIME or ChapSnat (ha ha) or whatever to stay connected. Do not isolate yourselves.

Now… just because you are not going to be in groups, doesn’t mean that you should not / cannot stay in shape and stay sharp. Run, do the conditioning, workout, planks, sit-ups, all the stuff we normally do in practice… don’t cheat yourself. Putting in the work now, will keep you ready when we resume (or when HS resumes). Also, working out will keep your mind occupied instead of staring at your electronics.

The coaches will be offering workouts via 1 on 1 instruction or video (Zoom / Facetime). Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me over email.(

Stay safe


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