Message about when we return and how



I hope you are all well and managing during “stay at home”. It is my hope that each of you are working out with the plans Jenna has posted.

Many of you have been asking about our plans for the summer and how we are going to start back up. Right now we are still planning to play our full schedules in the summer but as you are all well aware, we are still in the “stay at home” orders.

From what I am hearing, it is supposed to be lifted either in the middle of May or at the end May (depending on who is making the final decisions).

I have some very real concerns and questions after the order is lifted. Will there be a vaccine? (or is there one already?… no). Will there be or is there a proven treatment plan if one of us were to get sick with the virus? Has the medical community come up with a way for it not to spread again? I know we all know the answers to those questions but they need to be asked before we step on the field again.

I don’t mean to spread fear or make everyone crazy but other than flattening the curve, what has really changed?

Softball is a sport where everyone sweats (or should be sweating) and everyone touches the softballs, bats, helmets, etc,. Unless we all play with surgical gloves, I do not see any way to avoid contact.

So what is the answer? The order will be lifted but in my opinion, we have not prevented the spread of it if someone on our team gets sick.

I do not have the answers and I am not making any decisions either way, but I am just sharing my thoughts and observations.

My main concern is the safety and well being of our girls, coaches and parents (and extended family members).

So for now we wait (and continue to train on our own) until we get some guidance from our medical and civic leaders.

Please be safe and continue to support each other. As always, I am here if you need anything.


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