This Saturday at Valley View (10:30AM-11:30), Jenna, Victor and I will be enjoying the sun and fresh air.

If you want to come out and enjoy the fresh air with us, I am sure we can suggest a few activities to do out there making sure you are socially distanced and with a mask on except when you are running which may or may not happen (probably yes).

As per county requirements (for any gathering), no food is allowed and you must have a mask and adhere to the social distant protocols. If you are not feeling well, and I mean even a scratchy throat, you must stay home.

To be very clear, this is NOT an official BOWNET/ICE practice/event. It is merely an informal gathering of some people who are enjoying the outdoors for some exercise.

Please do not wear any Bownet/ICE gear because we cannot give the impression that we are an organized group.

You will want to bring cleats, good running shoes, plenty of water and your gear to help you enjoy the fresh air.

Please respond by commenting on this post so we know how many will be joining us. We must make sure that we are not violating any of the park/county rules.

If you have concerns, please call or email me as I do not want a public discussion. Each family will do what they feel is best and we respect that and there will be no judgment.


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