Sunday Zoom Practice - Logon @ 9:45AM

Sun, 5 Jul
from 10:00am to 11:00am

by Jeff Alkazian
Posted: 3 months ago
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Time zone: America/Los_Angeles
Reminder: 1 hour before
Ends: 11:00am (duration is about 1 hour)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 843 8677 9982
Password: 002167

Please make sure you have everything ready to go before the call gets going.

All you need is a:
✨ball (maybe a bucket of balls if you’re feeling fancy)
✨tennis ball

Expect these to go around an hour long.

5 min Stretching/Announcements
5 min Agility
10 min Conditioning
5-7Min Throwing Warmup (this is where i suggest having a bucket of balls you can throw into a net) or find a partner!
10 Min Glove Work (tennis ball work or partner work)
15 Min Hitting Instruction



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